What to Seek When on a Hunt for an A Level Math Tutor?

When you are looking forward to securing a place in the top universities, it is important to have A level grades in all your subjects, especially math. This is probably the best time to seek an A level maths tuition in order to prevent the last minute hassles for the less qualified tutors near the exam times. However, when it comes to seeking an A level tutor, what are the factors do you consider? How do you know that this tutor will bestow you with much success that you deserve?

Here are some tips to make sure that you have the best tutor to secure your future.

  1. Inquire the tutor about their success rates

Most of the serious tutors will let you know how many A and A* grades they have accomplished at A level and the student’s starting grades as well. If you don’t feel like they are getting enough grades you are aiming for, then exploring other tutors may also be a good idea.

  1. Do the tutors provide their own resources?

Inquire if the tutors if they use your textbook to assist you with the problems or they simply aim to assist you with any questions you are having issues with. If both of these preferences say a yes, they are not worth paying the high fees. Good tutors are the ones who have their own resources and will give you homework at necessary times. Apart from this, good tutors will also offer you all the examination papers in order to prepare you for your course.

  1. Inquire about their academic strategy

This is probably the best tip ever. Inquire them on the best way forward when you give them a situation to help you figure out who is a serious tutor and who is not. An amateur tutor will go like ‘Cover the areas you are weak at’ or ‘practice extra on your homework’. A good tutor will always convey something with a specific time deadline like ‘We will cover the course by this specific date or have a look at the past papers in two weeks’.

  1. Inquire about their teaching qualifications

Unfortunately, not all tutors are qualified enough and albeit some unqualified teachers are amazing, and you should never take a risk. You have yet to confront a single qualified teacher who made himself a bad one. If you are concerned about your academic success, you don’t want to waste time on unqualified teachers.

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